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PMA Distance Learning Hub


Following up on the great success of our safe, socially-distanced summer camps, PMA has designed a new program this school-year to help students and families meet their educational needs.  The PMA Distance Learning Hub (PMA Hub) is an onsite program beginning on Monday, September 14th, running Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.  Each student will have a dedicated, distanced workstation to access the internet, and our staff will assist students in logging on and accessing both synchronous and asynchronous activities.  Group sizes will be limited and conducted in full accordance with Oregon Health Authority COVID guidelines.  Not only will students be assisted with online learning, working parents will be free to focus on their jobs.

Also, every weekday PMA will have multiple class options beginning at 4:00pm.  If a PMA Hub Student is enrolled in a class, our staff will ensure they make it to class on time and provide supervision at no additional cost for that student, on their class day, until 6:00pm.


During breaks in their school schedules we will provide students with physical activities, and engaging options for students who have finished their school work.  PMA is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all students, staff, and their families and will fully comply with all current Oregon Health Authority guidelines at all times. For a list of our policies and requirements for students and staff, please see PMA Policies & Procedures. For COVID-19 information CLICK HERE.

Families may enroll their students in 3-5 days of the PMA Hub per week. The monthly cost of the PMA Hub is based on the number of days each week that your student is enrolled, as seen in the following chart:

Due to the significant differences in the online scheduling formats chosen by each teacher, school and district, we offer the following HUB options. Students may enroll for eight, six or four hours per day and for three, four or five days per week. Students will be grouped in cohorts of no more than 10, and as close in age and grade level as possible. If you have any general questions about the program please contact our office at

Shorinji Kempo