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2018 Summer Class Schedule

Learning an art form is a lifelong process of growth, development, and improvement. Many of the arts require skills and training - both physical and mental - that can deteriorate if too much time is spent without practice. To make sure students can continue to engage and improve in the arts we offer several dance class and private music lesson options during our summer season.

The Summer Term consists of two, 4-week sessions: Session A, which will take place from Monday 6/25 through Friday 7/20; and Session B, which will take place from Monday 7/23 through Friday 8/17. Families may enroll in each session separately, or for the entire term at a discounted rate.

Summer is also a great time to try something new. Begin to learn a new instrument or try a different type of dance for a month. If you like it, sign up for the next session!

Summer private music lessons are being offered for 9 weeks from Monday 6/25 through Friday 8/24. Students can opt to take 2 to 9 weeks of lessons. Please contact our office to schedule times.

Also, consider signing up for one of our 2018 Summer Arts Camps! Camps are another great way to keep improving in the arts, and they let kids experience something new, unique, and fun!

Dance students who are at least 10 years old and have 4 or more years of ballet experience are strongly encouraged to sign up for our 2018 Summer Dance Intensive! Our intensive blends ballet technique, pointe, variations, character, jazz, modern, choreography, and other special courses and events to form a rounded and complete summer dance experience.



An independent dance and movement experience that helps children develop into confident movers that feel good about themselves. Self-esteem for children this age is primarily based on being a comfortable and confident mover. Kids love to get moving to music that works on motor co-ordination, rhythm, and strength. A wonderful basis for all dance forms, sports and other physical activities.


Ballet technique is the foundation for all other dance forms and excellent preparation for sports, conditioning and other physical activities. Classical Ballet is offered in a progressive program, from Ballet 1 for those with little or no previous experience, through Advanced and Pre-professional. Ballet 2 through Ballet 5 require prior training and instructor's consent. Dancers working en pointe must regularly attend at least three technique classes per week. New students should contact our office for proper placement, prior to registration. Parents and other visitors are invited to the first and last class of the term.

Ballet - Adult

Open to dancers with prior ballet training. Instructor's consent is not required, although it is requested that new students speak to the instructor following the first class to assure proper class placement.

Hip Hop

As part of the urban culture of rap music, hip hop dance embraces several dance styles such as the athleticism of break dance and fast sharp moves of body popping. Hip hop dance and its music have become part of our popular culture and continues to evolve.


Tap dance technique is an excellent way to develop a sense of rhythm and body coordination. The fundamentals of tap are taught in a progressive program of classes, with level I being for students with little or no previous training. New students should contact our office for proper placement, prior to registration. Parents are invited to the first and last class of the term.


Private Lessons Cello, French Horn, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Ukulele, Viola, Violin, and Voice

Children and adults can experience the joy of playing a musical instrument. Beginning and intermediate students can arrange for private lessons in Flute, french horn, guitar, piano, trumpet, ukulele, violin, viola, cello and voice. Most private lessons are 30 minutes long and the times listed are the complete block of time set aside for lessons. The Summer term runs for 9 weeks from late-June to late-August and students can sign up for 2 to 9 weeks of lessons during the summer months. Please contact our office to arrange a day and time and what weeks you will attend. Tuition below is per lesson.

Stages of Life
Shorinji Kempo
McKinney School of Highland Dance
Sally Mack School of Dance
Montavilla Jazzfest