Saturday, January 28th at 7PM

Admission Free/Donations Appreciated.

Come enjoy our annual Winter Showcases. These informal concerts are our “report of progress” to the students’ family and friends.

The Choreographers’ Showcase presents the work of choreographers who are just beginning to produce dances as well as experienced choreographers with works in progress.

Creation of art is a complex combination of mind, body and individual artistry.  It has been our privilege and delight to have shared in that process with each of our students.

Our School began in 1952 and in the intervening years thousands of ordinary people have been transformed into performers.  And what a magical transformation that is. Many first performance experiences are here. This is where it begins but it is by no means where it ends; these experiences in classes, performances and connections with others will last a lifetime. As you watch this program, you will find a smile form on your face and you too will be transformed by the magic.

If you are a choreographer that would like to present a work, please contact Nancy Yeamans at 503-408-0604 or email