As a parent, you’re always struggling with what activity is best for your child. Should my child do sports, art, theater, or dance? Every extra-curricular activity has many benefits for a child. We believe that dance has so many benefits and being a part of the Spring Recital is a huge milestone for a child of any age. Recitals are often the highlight of a dancer’s experience each year. Though the thought of dancing for an audience may seem overwhelming at first, participation in an annual recital is an incredible opportunity. Here’s why…

Recitals boost confidence:
Getting on stage and performing in front of an audience is a huge feat. Getting the experience of having an audience watch and applaud you, is a huge confidence booster for any child and helps dancers overcome shyness and stage fright. It gives students a chance to showcase all of their hard work throughout the year. As children experience performing for an audience, they gain self-confidence. They can carry this with them in all aspects of school and life.

Recitals promote teamwork:
Children learn teamwork skills through a dance performance. They have to learn how to dance as a corps rather than an individual to create the best dance number. Learning how to make every step look the same and spatial awareness are both included in dance pieces. Teamwork is a basic skill necessary in all aspects of life. Recitals provide a wonderful opportunity for dancers to learn that anything one can do, a group can do even better!

Recitals provide goals:
Athletes have tournaments and dancers have recitals! The weeks/months spent preparing for a recital teaches students how to work towards a goal. Dancers take pride in conquering new steps they’ll be able to show off.

Recitals build new skills:
Dancers learn new skills to incorporate in their recital, new steps are placed in every routine to help the dancer build their knowledge and show their best self at recital. Preparing for a recital is a way for dancers to work on retention skills, rhythm, technique, and more.

Recitals create memories:
Recital memories are lifelong memories! The memories that you and your student will create from being in a dance recital are priceless. The photos, the congratulations, the videos, and the confidence gained will all be special memories they will never forget. Recital performances provide dancers with the opportunity to share what they have been learning with friends and families. Recital/Class pictures become the highlights of photo albums. For families, the recital is a time to celebrate their dancer’s achievements. For dancers, the recital instills a passion for the art of dancing and performing.