Fall Classes Start Sep 5!

Classes in all the arts are available here a Portland Metro Arts:
Actors’ Workshop/Artworks/Ballet/Group Piano/Group Violin/Hip Hop/Kids’  Play/Makers Space/Musical Beginnings/Musical Journeys/Pre-Dance/Private Music/Tap/Theatre Kids

But Why Choose Us?

  • First, PMA has been providing quality arts education in Portland since 1952.
  • We are here in the neighborhood and ready to partner with you
  • We are a nonprofit arts organization and our mission that arts be accessible to all, is reflected in our policies and procedures.  When you become a student, you become an important part of that mission.  Together, we continue to open doors to the joy and benefits of the arts.
  • PMA provides a professional atmosphere, that encourages a creative learning process. 
  • Our progressive training syllabus guides students logically from one level to the next.
  • In all projects and endeavors, we actively engage a philosophy of nondiscrimination.
  • All of our instructors are knowledgeable in their fields and have also had training and experience working with children. They not only have mastery of the technical aspects of their art but are highly trained in teaching methods as well.  Each instructor/artist has years of training and is certified in their area of expertise as well as considerable professional experience.
  • We are ready to bring your students hands-on arts experiences that are challenging, exciting and fun.
  • We keep our classes small to provide focused personal attention from the instructor.  We see students as individuals and work with them to help them meet their artistic goals.  While we realize that not all students wish to pursue a career in the arts, we provide all students with excellent quality training.  Our staff is also trained in CPR and First Aid procedures.
  • PMA is a one-stop arts center for the whole family.

PDXMetroArts.org  (503) 408-0604