We hit the end of January with a massive winter storm that knocked out the power and dumped several inches of snow followed by freezing rain with a couple of inches of ice on the ground.

The greater Portland area was effectively shut down for a full week. Schools were closed and so was PMA! We couldn’t even get to the building for 5 days and then had to use our shovels as ice picks to even get the door open.

All of this at a time when we are usually having our final rehearsals for the Winter Music (this year it’s Babes in Toyland), preparing students for our Winter Choreographers’, Music, Theatre, and Art Showcases and holding auditions for our Spring Ballet.

Despite the challenges caused by the winter storm, the community at PMA has persevered and worked tirelessly to make up for lost time. Rehearsals for the Winter Musical continue with extra intensity, and students and staff alike are puting in extra hours to ensure that the showcases are a success. The snow and ice may have slowed things down for a bit, but it couldn’t stop the creativity and passion that thrives at PMA. As the winter weather begins to thaw everyone here at PMA is ready and excited to showcase our hard work and dedication to the arts.

Don’t miss our Winter Showcases:
Choreographers’ Showcase – January 27th at 7 pm
Theatre Showcase – January 31st at 5:30 pm
Music Showcase – February 5th at 6:45 pm
Art Gallery – January 25th-February 1st


Here’s a little secret for ya: you don’t need to be a music major to rock out at the music showcase, you don’t need to be a theatre buff to enjoy the theatre showcase, and you don’t need to be a pro dancer to bust a move at Choreographers’ showcase. Come one, come all!