Spring break at PMA was bustling with activity. Thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteers, we managed to accomplish a plethora of tasks which will serve to greatly improve our facilities and services.

Installation and Insulation of New Shed

One of the major tasks undertaken during spring break was the installation and insulation of a new shed. The initial leveling of the upper parking area was also done, though more leveling and grass planting is required. However, we are headed in the right direction.

A significant purchase we made for the new shed was a giant roll of linoleum. We found this at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and it turned out to be a much cheaper, easier, and faster alternative to the tub liner. However, transporting this roll from the Mall 205 Re-Store into the new shed is going to require four strong backs. We will also need to postpone the installation of the flooring until after the Spring Ballet due to more urgent set construction needs. If you can help in any way with these tasks, please let us know.

Grounds Transformation by Precision Cuts Lawn and Landscape

Our grounds underwent a complete transformation thanks to Precision Cuts Lawn and Landscape. They repaired the garden area stones by the front door, making it look beautiful. Notably, they also removed the blackberry vines that were encroaching on our north side cyclone fence and the parking area above our fence.

The west wall berries posed a challenge as they are lodged between our neighbors’ retaining wall and our fence. Nevertheless, Precision Cuts Lawn and Landscape plans to return every three months to spray the roots and maintain the grounds. We’ve had a great experience working with Jonathan and his crew.

Moving Out of Rose City Storage

Tami, Dave, Thomas, Jillian, Cyrus, Angela, and I managed to remove every last piece from our storage at Rose City. We received high praise from one of the Rose City team members for being kind and courteous. He even went above and beyond to check with accounting and let us know we were fully paid up.

In the process, we also reorganized and supported the sets and props that were scattered haphazardly in the original shed. We still need to add some shelving, but now we can truly access the walls. The organization has improved to such an extent that it has become usable.

Ruses Set Now in Theatre

While moving out of Rose City storage was indeed a relief, it meant that the entire Ruses set is now in the theatre.

Pothole Repair on 90th

In other great news, the potholes on 90th are no more. A paving crew finally came in and fixed them. Now, we hope that the street storm drains, which are lower than the pavement, will function properly.

Ongoing Rehearsals and Volunteer Opportunities

Rehearsals are ongoing, and there are many opportunities for volunteers. If you have any time to spare and are willing to pitch in, please let us know. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, although it was a busy spring break at PMA, it was also highly productive. We accomplished a lot, made necessary improvements, and we are looking forward to what’s next.