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Artistic Director

Nancy Yeamans

Music Director

Elizabeth Allen



Each season in late January PMA Musical Theatre presents an engaging production with a seasonal theme that is fun for the whole family! Our repertory includes an adaptation of the classic Babes in Toyland, along with two original works; Where’s Winter, and Winter in the Willows.  These enchanting musical productions provide a wonderful performance opportunity for actors, singers and dancers of many ages, and a delightful moment at the theatre for the entire community.  Auditions are generally held at the end of October.  PMA Musical Theatre is a joint effort between the Portland Metro Arts Music and Theatre Departments.

Current Season

Winter in the Willows

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What happens when your favorite Willows friends – Toad, Badger, Rat, and Mole – must not only prepare for Winter, but also an impending visit from Mole’s extended family?

Grandmother Mole has heard of Toad’s outrageous exploits, and is due to arrive any minute to see what is going on for herself. And what about those felonious Weasels? Chances are they are up to no good again.

The music of Sir Arthur Sullivan – of Gilbert and Sullivan fame – underscores the humorous situations and confusion that ensues as Mole and friends attempt to make Toad presentable.

Our original script is based on the much-loved characters brought to life by author Kenneth Grahame in 1908. Come join us for an entertainment experience that people of all ages won’t want to miss!

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