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Artistic Director

Nancy Yeamans

Music Director

Elizabeth Allen



Each season in late January PMA Musical Theatre presents an engaging production with a seasonal theme that is fun for the whole family! Our repertory includes an adaptation of the classic Babes in Toyland, along with two original works; Where’s Winter, and Winter in the Willows.  These enchanting musical productions provide a wonderful performance opportunity for actors, singers and dancers of many ages, and a delightful moment at the theatre for the entire community.  Auditions are generally held at the end of October.  PMA Musical Theatre is a joint effort between the Portland Metro Arts Music and Theatre Departments.

Current Season

Babes in Toyland


February 3 & 4 at 3 PM










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Babes in Toyland is a whimsical musical filled with all your favorite Mother Goose  characters. Victor Herbert’s music adds a fun counterpoint to the silly dialogue and contemporary references in our retelling of this classic story. Come join us for a performance that will whisk the whole family away to “the land you’ll oft recall as the best of all…TOYLAND!”

Previous Seasons

Willows in Winter










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