Portland Metro Arts

Parent Information

Where do I park?
Our parking lot is behind the building, with an entrance/exit on 90th Avenue, midway down the building. Also, on 90th is the Filipino-American building.  Please do not park in the diagonal spaces on 90th.  That parking space is reserved for them

How early should I arrive before class?
Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to class time to allow for heavy traffic, bathroom visits and hand washing before class.  Remember that we do not provide supervision for children not enrolled in our After-School Arts Club before or after classes.  Therefore, arrange for children twelve and under to be dropped off and picked up not more than 15 minutes before and after their class.   PMA is a busy place and we cannot accept responsibility for supervision of children who are not registered in a PMA program.

What is the PMA class observation policy?
We have set aside three weeks a year for class observations.  Visitors’ weeks are listed on our website calendar.  When a parent is in the classroom on a weekly basis, the child has two authority figures in the room.  A parent’s very presence divides a child’s attention and creates a distraction.  Please mark your calendars and join us.

Will my class remain on the same schedule?
Class schedules are set to run from September through mid-June.  Families are often on a different summer schedule and so are we.  Sometimes within a season we do need to make an adjustment in the schedule.  However, we do our best to work with the families to create the least disruption.  Our goal is to maintain an optimal teacher/student ratio in all classes, which provides students with the best opportunity for successful learning.

Who is teaching the class?
Our instructors are among of the finest anywhere. Their ranks include professional actors, university graduates in theatre and individuals with rich and varied teaching experiences.  Most instructors have been with PMA for many years and have earned the respect and admiration of students and their families.  The instructors will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your dancer’s progress.

Can I make-up a missed class?
If you miss a class, you may take a make-up class in another section of a comparable class.  If there is not a comparable class, you may drop into a different class of the same level.  Please let the front desk know, in advance, when you will arrive for a make-up class and inform the instructor as well.  Consult our office if you need assistance.

What if PMA cancels a class?
It is rare, but sometimes an unavoidable situation arises, and we will need to cancel a class.  When this happens. we call and/or email all registered students to let them know as soon as possible.  It is important that you have on file with us your most up-to-date contact information.  We will then discuss with the students a suitable arrangement to make up the missed class time.

What Holidays are observed?
Classes will not be held on Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Independence Day.  On all other holidays whether Federal, State, or local, classes will be held.  Any exceptions to this will be listed on the class calendar which is updated online every twelve weeks.  A two-week Winter Break is taken the last of December into early January.  A one-week Spring Break is taken

Are there any performances?
Performance is an essential part of any arts experience. Every student should avail themselves of as many of the following performance options as possible.

  • Friends and family are invited to observe class during Visitors’ Week which is held three times a year.
  • In January we hold our annual Winter Musical in which all theatre students are encouraged to participate. It is a complete performance that gives young actors a marvelous training opportunity.
    • In in June is our Spring Theatre Showcase, in which all students are invited to perform. It is the high point of the year for our students.

How much do performance tickets cost?
All the following PMA student performances are free to students, parents, and the public:

  • Little Nutcracker Workshop performance during Winter Break
  • Winter Visual Arts and Music Showcases held in late January.
  • Choreographers’ Showcase held in late January.
  • Spring Theatre, Visual Arts, Music and Dance Showcases held in mid-June.
  • Summer Theatre, Visual Arts, Music and Dance Camp and Workshop performances from mid-June-August.

Additionally, all PMA students receive one free ticket to:

  • Metro Dancers’ Dance Mosaic held in November the weekend before Thanksgiving.
  • Winter Musical Theatre Production held in January
  • Metro Dancers’ Full-length ballet held in the Spring.

How can parents help ensure a successful experience?

    • Help your student arrive on time, with their appropriate clothing and class materials.
    • Make sure your student attends classes/lessons regularly so they won’t fall behind the othe
    • Remind your student to visit the bathroom prior to class, so class won’t be disrupted.

Who is Portland Metro Arts?
PMA is a nonprofit arts organization with a mission to ensure that everyone, especially children, have the opportunity to learn, perform and experience the arts by providing meaningful access to quality arts education, performance programs and serve as a cultural resource to our community.  We began as a Portland Park Bureau program in 1952 and have evolved over the years into an independent nonprofit, overseen by a volunteer Board.  The scope and scale of the programs have expanded as well to create the interdisciplinary entity that we are today.  We rely on the financial and volunteer support of the community to maintain the excellence of our programs. 

The PMA sponsored programs include:

  • PMA School—Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts classes for all ages and all levels.
  • PMA Outreach—In-school and after-school programs in area public and private schools.
  • PMA Performance Companies—Metro Dancers, 2 repertory concerts and 1 full-length ballet each season.
  • Once Upon a Time Family Theatre—monthly interactive interpretations of fairy tales, the first Saturday of the month, September through June,
  • PMA Center—A bustling facility with studios, meeting spaces, theatre and rehearsal spaces used by

community groups, individual artists, families and is home to several resident tenant arts organizations.  We welcome rental requests and encourage everyone to make a contribution, whether financial or of their time, to continue the legacy of arts enrichment for generations to come in our community.


M-F: 1pm – 7pm
Sat:  9am – 1pm


9003 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97216