Portland Metro Arts

Theatre Performance Opportunities

Performance is an essential part of any dance experience. Every student should avail themselves of as many of the following performance options as possible.



Friends and family are invited to observe class during Visitors’ Week, held three times a year. Check the calendar for the dates.

Each season in late January/early February PMA Musical Theatre presents an engaging production with a seasonal theme that is fun for the whole family! Our repertory includes an adaptation of the classic Babes in Toyland, along with two original works; Where’s Winter, and Winter in the Willows.  These enchanting musical productions provide a wonderful performance opportunity for actors, singers and dancers of many ages, and a delightful moment at the theatre for the entire community.  Auditions are generally held in October.  PMA Musical Theatre is a joint effort between the Portland Metro Arts Music and Theatre Departments.


In June we hold our annual Spring Showcase, in which all theatre students are invited to perform. These informal performances are our “report of progress” of the students’ technical progress and artistic growth. They are the time of the year for our PMA theatre students to share their work with family, friends and the general public. Creation of art is a complex combination of mind, body and individual artistry.


M-F: 1pm – 7pm
Sat:  9am – 1pm


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