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Metro Dancers Presents

Comedy and chaos occur due to a disagreement between a mother and daughter over who shall be the daughter's husband. In this Old World style ballet you will see a bit of the absurd: a gaggle of spinning chickens, a dancing maze of ribbons, and watch out for flying apples when the mother gets mad! Music, costumes, sets and the dancers' skill combine to make this a performance event you will not want to miss.

The Story of La Fille Mal Gardee
Set in the sixteenth century, this ballet romps through the timeless entanglements of love and marriage.The Widow Simone attempts to arrange a marriage between her beautiful daughter, Lise, and her wealthy neighbor's simpleton son.But Lise is in love with the farmhand Colas, and the young sweethearts conspire to thwart Mother Simone's plans.See what has changed regarding events of the heart--and what has not!Delight in the antics of parents, lovers and neighbors as they create order out of chaos.Much confusion ensues before the surprise ending.The beautiful costumes, sets and music will carry you to another time.

History of the Ballet
La Fille Mal Gardee is the classic comedy ballet, with a good measure of rowdy fun thrown in.Originally produced in 1786, this ballet brings the charm of another era to the stage.Alternate translations of the title are The Poorly Guarded Girl, Useless Precautions and The Wayward Daughter.It is said that the famous dancer, director, and choreographer Dauberval happened to stop one day in front of a picture framing shop.Glancing at the window he saw a crude print depicting a village youth fleeing from a cottage, with an angry old woman throwing his hat after him, while a peasant girl shed tears.Shortly thereafter, the delightful ballet, La Fille Mal Gardee emerged with the able collaboration of composer L.J. Ferdinand Herold.It is considered the first of the many comic ballets that followed.Dauberval’s genius for comedy, mime and character dance assured the success of the ballet for all time.

Comments About Metro Dancers' Productions
School Performances
The ballet was incredible!The fact that our 1st and 2nd graders sat through an hour plus performance with barely a wiggle speaks volumes about the liveliness of the ballet.We would love to come again.

Wow!Everything was just first-rate from the teacher information to the performance.Even the macho boys enjoyed it.

Once the program began, my students didn't even move until the end.That says a great deal.Thanks also for the music tape to help the kids become familiar with the score. They were humming the tunes for weeks after.

Certainly a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a cultural experience of polished professionalism.The ballet was wonderful. Many of my students said it was the best field trip they had ever been on.

Public Performances
A first-class production. The choreography, the costumes and the performance were just unbelievable.

I had never seen this ballet before and found it absolutely enchanting. What fun!

I came back for a second time with more friends because it was so well done. I was so impressed with how professional even the youngest dancers were on stage.

I brought my whole family to this, even my sports enthusiast husband and everyone found it entertaining and exciting to watch.


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