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Portland Metro Arts

After-School Arts Club (ASAC) 2019-2020

Supervised care for students before and after their classes

Our mission is to provide everyone the opportunity to learn, perform, and experience the arts! To help us meet our mission, we offer a special supervised childcare program for students in Kindergarten – 8th Grade who are enrolled in our classes during the week.

ASAC students are provided with healthy snacks, homework time, weekly art projects, and a variety of other stimulating activities and games. ASAC is offered Monday - Friday from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. To enroll in the After-School Arts Club, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Enroll your student(s) in after-school classes. Click Here for a complete listing of available classes

  2. Enroll your student(s) in After-School Arts Club and select the days you need afterschool care

  3. Fill out the permission form found HERE and submit it. If your student requires van transportation (see below) print the form and give one copy to your student’s school office and one to your student’s teacher. PLEASE NOTE: This permission form is separate from your registration and is required to begin care. We cannot provide care or transportation to any student for any reason without a completed form. Please complete the form at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of care to ensure we can begin on time.

Please note: ASAC is not a stand-alone childcare program. ASAC is a service offered to students enrolled in PMA classes at an additional cost. Students enrolled in one day of class may sign up for two days of care, and students enrolled in two or more days of class may sign up for all four days of ASAC if they so desire.

Van Transportation: As part of our ASAC care we offer After-School Transportation from select area schools. This year we plan to pick up from: Atkinson, Bridger, Cherry Park, CSS, Floyd Light, Glencoe, Harrison Park, Laurelhurst, Portland Arthur Academy, Rose City Park, Ventura Park, and Vestal (including ACCESS at Vestal). If your student requires van transportation please be sure to fill out and sign that section of the permission form.

If your school is within 3 miles of our location but not on this list, please contact us and we may be able to work you in to our van schedule.

Monthly Cost
ASAC charges are billed monthly based on the number of days each week your student is enrolled in our care. The table below can be used to estimate your family’s childcare costs when using the ASAC program:


Number of Days in ASAC Each Week:






Cost per Month:






Minimum Number of Days you must be Enrolled in Class:






Tuition can be paid in a single; two or 10 equal payments made September through June.  The amounts listed above reflect the equal payment option. 


Stages of Life
Shorinji Kempo
McKinney School of Highland Dance
Sally Mack School of Dance
Montavilla Jazzfest