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After-School Arts Club (ASAC) 2022-2023

Exceptional arts-based childcare for students before and after their PMA classes.

Join the families that are saving valuable hours each month by scheduling Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts classes at Portland Metro Arts (PMA).  In addition to quality classes, students K-8 can register for our After-School Arts Club  (ASAC).  ASAC is for PMA students that also need a quality supervised after-school option.  Additionally, we offer after-school transportation from the following schools:  Atkinson, Bridger, Cherry Park, Creative Science, Glencoe, Harrison Park, Laurelhurst, Portland Arthur Academy, Rose City Park and Vestal.

ASAC Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: ASAC is not a stand-alone childcare program. ASAC is a service offered to students enrolled in PMA classes at an additional cost.
Students enrolled in 1 day of PMA class may sign up for up to 2 days of care. Students enrolled in 2 days of PMA class may sign up for up to 3 days of care. Students enrolled in 3 days of PMA class may sign up for up to 5 days of care.

Monthly Cost

Tuition is made in 10 equal monthly payment. The amounts listed below reflect the 10 equal monthly payment amounts.

# Childcare Days/Week

1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days

5 Days

Monthly ASAC Tuition






To Apply

  1.   Look at our class schedule and pick out which ones your child is interested in. As you scroll over the class listings, additional detail about that class will appear.
  2. Fill out the ASAC Enrollment Request Form found HERE with the days that you will need care and submit your request. Our office will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if there is transport space available from your child’s school.
  3. Once you have been notified that there is space in ASAC, you need to finish registering online for ASAC and your chosen PMA classes.

Space priority will be given to students with three or more classes a week.





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