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PMA Student Showcase

Portland Metro Arts Mission

Provide the opportunity for everyone to learn, perform and experience the arts, through meaningful access to quality arts education and performance programs.


Who Is PMA

PMA operates a full-spectrum arts center and school providing professional quality training in a family friendly environment. With support from our community and the work of our incredibly gifted and talented teaching staff we provide a wide variety of in-school, after-school and weekend classes in Dance, Music, Theatre, and the Visual Arts during the school year and a summer camp program where campers learn, perform, and experience a huge variety of art forms. The combination of dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts sets us apart from other organizations that may offer few options and little variety. Together we work to kindle creativity and nurture the next generation of artists!


The Play's the Thing Camp

Students of all performance levels and experience work daily with professional performers to create a complete summer theatre experience. Onstage training includes acting, improvisation, and stage presence in a fun and creative environment. Learn the performance techniques necessary for an exciting theatre production. See their performance here.

Sleeping Beauty Dance Camp

In our Sleeping Beauty Dance Camp students uncovered the mystery of an entire castle, hidden by a thicket, in which everyone inside was fast asleep. Campers tried a variety of dance styles including: Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Modern, for those with little or no previous experience who want to have fun trying something new performing this classic story.. See their performance here.



4 Arts Camp - The Pied Piper of Hamlin

4 Arts Camp is a great introduction to new ideas where children explore Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Art in 5 days of fun! Each day campers participate in special classes in all four art forms that are geared toward young artists. On Friday, all of these concepts were put together in a production of  an original musical "The Pied Piper of Hamlin". See their performance here.




Way Off Broadway Camp

Campers learned songs and choreography during 5 days of fun to put on this wacky broadway review style show. Their performance features Tap Dancing, Square Dancing, Do-Wop and the Blues, see their performance here.



Music a la Carte Camp

This camp introduces campers to a full spectrum of musical instruments and experiences. Campers explored and played everything from drums to ukuleles, recorders to keyboards in a full day of music classes. And discovered their talents for musical expression while learning and practicing their favorite instruments! . See what they accomplished in just 5 days here.


Brush Up Your Shakespeare Workshop

Students of all performance levels and experience work daily with talented professionals to create an engaging Shakespeare experience. Take this opportunity to study and understand Shakespeare in a fun, supportive atmosphere that teaches the necessary skills to perform his work. Onstage training includes acting, improvisation, and stage presence. See their performance here.





Director’s Message
Nancy Yeamans,  PMA Executive Director

Welcome to our annual Spring Dance Showcase. This informal concert is our “report of progress” to the students’ family and friends. Staff and students have worked very hard, and their success is evident in their technical progress and artistic growth. Creation of art is a complex combination of mind, body, and individual artistry.Without question, it has been a difficult year.  But it has also been our privilege and delight to have had the support and cooperation of every student and their family.


Our School began in 1952 and in the intervening 69 years thousands of ordinary people have been transformed into performers and artists. And, what a magical transformation that is. Many first performance experiences were here at a Spring Showcase.This is where it begins but it is by no means where it ends. The experiences in classes, performances and connections with others will last a lifetime. As you watch this program, you will find a smile form on your face, and you too will be transformed by the magic. --



The Story of Graduation Ball
During the 1840’s, the Headmistress of a fashionable Viennese girls finishing school, has invited the cadets of the city's military academy to attend a ball, celebrating the graduation of the senior class. The senior and junior girls, long anticipating this event, are greatly excited by the pending arrival of the cadets. Flirtations, exuberant dances, and a secret romance ensue.

Enjoy our performance by clicking here. We have also provided a program for this performance in PDF format.


PMA Board of Directors

Vieng Bounnam, Tamara Larison, Kari Rothi, Jennifer Springsteen, Stefani Strodtbeck, Greg Thompson, Diane Wallinger, Nancy Yeamans


When you support Portland Metro Arts, you are affecting the future in many ways.  First, you are helping people of all ages experience the arts and express themselves in creative ways. Beyond that, you build the framework that provides the tools for independent thought, self-reliance, and an appreciation for creativity.  And it makes you feel good too!


Please help us keep these wonderful programs going for all of these amazing students and all the future students still waiting in the wings. Thank you.


Shorinji Kempo