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2020 Little Nutcracker Workshop
December 28 - 30

Extend your Holiday celebration by becoming part of the timeless Nutcracker tradition.  Join dancers of all ages and levels in creating a very special online version of this classic story presented to family and friends on New Years Day.

Little Nutcracker Workshop    This full-day workshop is for beginning through intermediate students age six through twelve.  Registrations completed by December 15th will receive a 15% discount off the tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my child has never danced before?
That's perfectly fine! This workshop is actually a great way for kids with little or no dance experience to get the opportunity to dance and learn something new in a low-pressure environment. Younger, less-experienced dancers will have the opportunity to see and learn from our teaching staff as well as our older, more-experienced dancers who make up our Metro Dancers company!

What should my child wear?
Dancers need to be comfortable and have unrestricted movement. For girls we recommend pink tights with a black tank leotard, and for boys black boy tights or leggings with a solid white t-shirt. However, any color or style of leotard, tights or standard dancewear will be fine for the purposes of the workshop. If you have questions about appropriate attire just come a bit early the first day and we will assist you.

Does PMA have any special rules about respectful conduct?
On the first day of camp our staff will go over the general rules of conduct with the students and give them a tour of the building. Please remind your child that these rules apply to classes, breaks, and before/after camp.  Whenever they are at PMA, we expect everyone to act in a safe, responsible and respectful manner.  This is a time to learn new things and a time to socialize and form new friendships. When the rules are followed everyone can relax and enjoy themselves.

Are there breaks for lunch and snacks? What should my child bring?
Little Nutcracker Workshop--Please pack two nutritious snacks that can be eaten quickly and easily, with as little waste packaging as possible. There will be two short breaks to allow students to use the restroom and eat a small snack to keep their energy up. Sliced fruits or veggies, raisins, nuts, crackers, cheese sticks all are great. Students should bring a water bottle with their name on it to use throughout the week, otherwise, bottled water can be purchased for $1.00.

In addition to the snack breaks, we have a half-hour supervised lunch break. A more substantial meal should be packed for that time. Please pack lunches that do not need to be heated.

Photo and Publicity Release
Consent is assumed for PMA to take photographs of students to use in brochures, web sites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials that PMA creates. Permission is also granted for PMA to copyright such photographs in its name. If you wish for you or your child to be excluded from photographs, please complete a written request at our front office.

Cell Phones/Calling Home
No cell phones or electronic devises are allowed during camp instructional sessions. Devices will be kept at the front desk and may only be used there to call their family.

Other Questions or Concerns:
Please feel free to call us at the number below, or send us an email.  The front desk is staffed during all camps in addition to the onsite teaching staff. 

We are always happy to assist you!

Shorinji Kempo